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“At DeSano Place Village

Memory Care and

Assisted Living, we


to residents who are

afflicted with a dementia-

type illness, including

Alzheimer’s disease.”

Memory Care


At DeSano Place Village Memory Care and Assisted Living, we provide care to residents who are afflicted with a dementia-type illness, including Alzheimer’s disease.

Person-Centered Care. As with all our locations, we operate under the philosophy of “person-centered care,” which means care is tailored to the abilities, needs and choices of each resident. We make a diligent effort to get to know each resident as a unique individual, by obtaining not only a complete medical history, but also his or her life history. The life history gives us great clues as to how a person used to live, what gave him or her pleasure, what activities and jobs were of importance, and who his or her family members were and are. Many elements of the life history can provide staff clues to communicating effectively with each resident. Knowing many specific aspects of a life history aids staff in helping the resident communicate successfully as well, whereby staff offering up these “clues” helps the resident not be embarrassed about “not remembering.” These “triggers” provide information that the resident can hang on to so he can contribute to a conversation.

Comprehensive Care Plans. We strive to promote partnerships with the families of our residents, so that we can create a comprehensive care plan, a warm, inviting, and responsive environment, and assign staff that are effective in providing services for and with our residents.

Specially Trained Staff. DeSano Place Village staff is specially trained to understand how dementia-illness uniquely affects the resident, how they approach and communicate with a resident with a progressive illness. Staff learns special techniques in how to engage a resident and meet his or her needs and in how to help the resident achieve a greater quality of life.

Life Enrichment. With residents who have dementia, we provide life enrichment engagement throughout the day to help alleviate behaviors that often accompany dementia. Staffing is adjusted to meet the needs of our residents.

Beautiful, Serene Surroundings. Our home and gardens are uniquely designed to create an environment that is safe, secure, homelike, and comfortable for residents and staff alike. We have activity coves, living areas, a sun room, a larger activity den, an internal walking “track” where residents can walk at will and not get “trapped”, and a beautiful dining area and open kitchen. All bedrooms are private with wheel chair accessible, half-baths and a closet. All bedrooms have Cable TV access and telephone hookups. The building has three “spa” bathrooms, two with custom built showers, and one with a beautiful walk-in whirlpool tub! All spa baths have European towel warmers as well. We want the bathing experience to be pleasurable for all of our residents, and day care guests.

Safe and Secure: Our gardens and grounds are secure with estate fencing, access reader gates, and are landscaped and hardscaped to provide a charming outdoor living experience for the resident, and their families. Our “Wander Garden” is a lovely area where residents can safely experience the outdoors at will, under the observation of our surveillance cameras.

Day Care Services. At the Memory Care Village, we also accept Day care guests, so that persons with dementia living at home can come and visit for a partial or full day, and give their families or spouse some needed time off from care-giving in the home. We recognize the toll that 24-hour constant care and supervision can have on caregivers! Let us help YOU be successful in your role!

Contact Terri Pendleton at 208-420-2599 or terri.pendleton@desanoplace.com for further information.

Our Facilities

DeSano Place is different from other memory care facilities. Our highly trained staff provides exceptional care and attention to our residents’ needs with a positive, friendly attitude.

Shoshone Location

218 West B Street
Shoshone, ID 83352

Phone: (208) 886-7665
Fax: (208) 886-9807
Gooding Location

545 Nevada Street
Gooding, ID 83330

Phone: (208) 934-4623
Fax: (208) 934-8656
Jerome Location

1015 E Ave K
Jerome, ID 83338

Phone: (208) 595-1589
Fax: (208) 595-1588
Why DeSano?

We are the memory care experts! We are small, local and we are paying personal attention to our residents; and we provide them with life enrichment engagement on a daily basis. Here are a few other reasons why DeSano stands out from the rest:

  • DeSano Place is locally owned and managed, allowing the resident and family immediate access to upper management. Concerns can be addressed quickly and responsively. Residents and families have peace of mind knowing that the resident is in a safe, secure and comfortable environment where he or she has immediate access to assistance and care.
  • Residents can opt for privacy or companionship as desired. When receiving our services, residents often feel that the burden of their care has now been lifted from family and friends. Just give us 30 days, and the new resident will usually call DeSano Place “home!”
  • Families can use what valuable and precious time they have visiting and enjoying their parents and grandparents in our homes, and not have to worry about groceries, laundry and the resident not taking medications as the doctor ordered! They no longer have to worry if their loved one has fallen and can’t call for help, and if they are getting enough to eat.
  • Because of our small size, staff become very knowledgeable of residents and their needs and can respond quickly to meet those needs. Staff actually partner with families in caring for the resident, relieving the burden on busy family members, yet keeping them connected and involved.

Contact Terri Pendleton at 208-420-2599 or terri.pendleton@desanoplace.com for further information.