Frequently Asked Questions


Are rates going up and how often?

The room, board and basic service rate will be quoted at admission. Generally, room, board and basic service fees remain stable during the year and you will receive a 30-Day notice of any monthly rate increase. When a resident requests or needs significant personal one-to-one assistance in mobility, feeding or toileting, or has a pattern of being up at night more than two times with assistance, service rates will be increased in order to secure more staff to provide timely assistance. These rates are published in-house, and are discussed at admission. When and if a resident has specific needs as described above, the resident, family or representative party will be informed as soon as possible of the need for an increase in service fees. The administrator will discuss the pattern of needs and justification for the increase with the resident, family or representative. Our goal is to provide targeted, ample services when needed, at a fair rate.

What out of pocket expenses can we expect, beyond room, board and service charges?

DeSano Place will provide basic supplies such as denture cups, liquid hand soap, non-sterile exam gloves, toilet paper, first aid supplies, lotions and linens for the bath. DeSano Place must charge for all special protective creams and lotions, adult wet-style wipes, and protective underwear. Families may prefer to supply these items themselves, however, they must be supplied in enough quantity and size for staff to have available as needed at all times. We can provide other supplies and invoice the resident at our cost plus a small handling fee, if the resident chooses not to supply these items him or herself.

Who pays for my medications?

The resident is responsible for the cost of all medications supplied, whether prescription or over-the-counter. We will be happy to order your monthly and short-term medications from a local pharmacy and have them delivered. We will be happy to pick up short term medications such as antibiotics and pain medications during normal business hours as needed for no additional charge and we can pick up medications after hours for a nominal fee ( to cover mileage and time), as such 24-hour pharmacies are located 40 minutes from Gooding homes.

Is transportation available?

Yes, we have commercially licensed drivers who are able to transport you to medical appointments and occasional trips to your bank, accountant, local shopping, and senior center. It is fee-for-service, meaning there is a small fee or service charge for local transportation. Trips must be planned in advance with staff so that the vehicle and driver can be made available. The resident will be charged for time and mileage for out-of-town trips, if needed. Or, if a resident is on Medicaid and has no family or friend to transport, we can secure transportation for them via the sanctioned Medicaid-brokered company that has a contract with Medicaid. We make every effort to have family or the representative transport for out-of-town trips to save the resident money.

What about emergencies?

If a resident falls, is injured, has mobility problems, or is seriously ill, we will call an ambulance service to transport, as they have the ability to provide oxygen and safe support care to protect the residents' health while in transit to the hospital.

Do you charge a different rate for larger private rooms?

Yes, we do charge a slightly higher rate for our larger private rooms; yet, our focus is typically not on floor space, but the needs of the resident. Our rooms are selected on a first come, first served basis, and the size of the room available will be what is currently vacant and ready. If you choose to move into a different room that is vacated, after you have already occupied a room, there is a room change fee.

Must I take all meals in the dining room?

Our facilities operate much like a family would operate. We encourage all residents to eat at the same time in the dining room, as meal time is a wonderful, healthy social outlet. Residents eat better when they are with others. If a resident is ill, he or she may take a meal in their room, but will be served after those who come to the dining room have been served first.

Can I invite a visitor to meals?

Yes, we are happy to provide a meal for a family member or visitor with 24-hour notice and for a small fee.

Can I bring my pet to live with me?

We love animals; however, your pets are only allowed "visitation rights." DeSano Place knows that many people have allergies to animals, and when animals roam, they put the elderly and staff at risk for falls. If your pet has up-to-date veterinary care and all her shots, he/she is welcome to "visit" as long as he/she is on a leash and kept away from where others need to walk or move their wheel chair.

Am I allowed to leave the home at any time?

Yes, if you are mentally and physically capable of getting around safely, you are welcome to come and go as you please. We request that you sign out with staff when you leave, so we know in whose care you have been entrusted.

May I bring my own furnishings?

By all means! Some of the bedrooms in our locations home are furnished with twin beds, a dresser, end table and lamp, but they can easily be replaced with your very own items. You may even hang pictures on the walls. Based on our experience over the years, we found that most residents, who place with us long-term, want their own furnishings. We therefore designed our Gooding and Jerome homes with this in mind-most people prefer to bring in their own furnishings and are welcome to do so. You need to furnish your own "movers" however, to bring in your items and place them in the room you have reserved.

How do I reserve a room?

Once we determine you are qualified to live in an assisted living setting, you may select a room. When you select a room, a deposit is required which will serve as a non-refundable community fee and the reservation fee. This fee holds your room for 10 days, and is used to help offset the cost of liability insurance and the cost of many inspections we are required to hold. We also use this fee to pay for your initial assessment by the administrator and to refurbish the bedroom when you eventually vacate it. We place your name on the door so others who come to tour know the room has already been reserved.

May I use oxygen in your homes?

Yes, you may. Please call the administrator to discuss your needs.

May I smoke in your home?

Our homes are all smoke free. However, smoking is permitted on certain decks and porches outside. We have conveniently located sheltered and covered areas with seating outdoors here you can indulge as you choose.