Why DeSano?

Simply put, we do it better than the others! We are small, local and we are paying personal attention to our residents; and we look, feel and smell like home. Here are a few other reasons why DeSano stands out from the rest:

  • DeSano Place is locally owned and managed, allowing the resident and family immediate access to upper management. Concerns can be addressed quickly and responsively. Residents and families have peace of mind knowing that the resident is in a safe, secure and comfortable environment where he or she has immediate access to assistance and care.
  • Residents can opt for privacy or companionship as desired. When receiving our services, residents often feel that the burden of their care has now been lifted from family and friends. Just give us 30 days, and the new resident will usually call DeSano Place "home!"
  • Families can use what valuable and precious time they have visiting and enjoying their parents and grandparents in our homes, and not have to worry about groceries, laundry and the resident not taking medications as the doctor ordered! They no longer have to worry if their loved one has fallen and can't call for help, and if they are getting enough to eat.
  • Because of our small size, staff become very knowledgeable of residents and their needs and can respond quickly to meet those needs. Staff actually partner with families in caring for the resident, relieving the burden on busy family members, yet keeping them connected and involved.

We are the next-best thing to your own family! Contact Terri Pendleton at 208-420-2599 or terri.pendleton@desanoplace.com for further information.

Continued Education

Continued Education

Terri Pendleton, MS, RN, and President of DeSano Place Assisted Living Homes, is a certified trainer in Dementia Capable Care™ from the Crisis Prevention Institute, and she is shown here presenting content to staff at her Jerome, Idaho facility. This content and real-life examples of situations that Terri shares about current and past residents have been shown to drastically reduce severe behavioral outbursts from residents with dementia, and improve her staff's abilities to successfully understand and care for their residents with dementia. Staff learn that ALL behavior is communication, and it is up to staff to discover what the resident is trying to communicate, and respond appropriately.
From February 2017 to December 2018, Terri has trained at least 75 staff members in using the concepts of Dementia Capable Care™ !